DVSH Celebrates Its First Home Makeover

Thanks to Gracing Spaces

      It is 8:30 am, and my son and I arrive at The Depot to begin loading the furniture for two new DVSH families.  There are almost 30 volunteers, each identified with a name tag and a color code.  The furniture is already pre-selected based on the family size and need.  Volunteers are carrying furniture, loading up home décor, and picking out fun items for all the little ones in the homes!  Ruth, from Gracing Spaces, is coordinating each team and what to expect for the day.
     By 10:00 am, we are loaded up and ready to drive to Reston.  The Lord of Life Uhaul is full of furniture and many of volunteers have loaded smaller items into their own vehicles.  It took a lot of planning and dedication to make over two separate homes that day, but with all of the support and eagerness to help from Gracing Spaces, this daunting task turned out to be a fun event!  Once everything was unloaded from the trucks, the volunteers all came together and had a lovely feast!  It was amazing to see so many different people coming together for one common cause- to help families rebuild their lives.
     After lunch, a new team came on board as some of the other team members had finished their time slots.  Now it was time to put together the furniture, arrange it, and hang the décor.  This was the fun part of the day, and every volunteer put their own unique spin on making over these homes.  By 3:00 pm, we started to wind down.  Moms and their children were in their new homes looking forward to this journey that they are embarking on.  The most amazing part of this experience for me and my son was hearing the joyous squeals from all the little children and watching the moms’ eyes well up with tears in disbelief that this was their new home!
     Thank you to Gracing Spaces and every one of your volunteers for your hard work and dedication to helping victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives in a safe and comfortable home.
CHRP Case Manger