Gracing Spaces 10 Year Anniversary-8 Spaces Done in One Day!  It Was Our Biggest Event EVER!

April 5th, 2014 We really don't know how to thank you ALL for YOUR gifts to the Shelter for getting this facelift done ... We had such a great day seeing the tired rooms take on a new look and we are so glad that you had fun too!! The pictures do not do it justice for the supreme effort!!!  So many of you gave up your whole Saturday for Gracing Spaces … we are so grateful for you ALL!!  Everyone at the Health Department and our Gracing Spaces team who each led a “Space - crew”  … helped and encouraged in some way … our goal was more than doubled by your donations, food, time, fun things for the rooms …  everything worked to make the 8 Spaces Sparkle … enjoy the pictures … you will see people you know ; ) !!!  The day was beautiful … in every way!  Thank you ALL!