Thank you, Gracing Spaces!
I know that was more than the mother expected.  She was very happy & couldn't believe how much of a make over her home got.  The other mother was so appreciative of everything.  She has never experienced anything like this (her words).  I will send you the photos this week.  I will also write a story for our newsletter and make sure you get the story.  You are more than welcome to use it for your own media sources as well.
I enjoyed meeting you all yesterday.  I had a great time, and so did my son!  You have a volunteer for future projects if you ever need him.  He couldn't stop talking about all the things that your team had and how everyone worked together.  He asked if he could do that again.  So even if it isn't one of my clients, my son would still be interested in helping you.  Just let me know.
Thank you and everyone who came out yesterday to work on these projects.  We appreciate it so much!
Case Manager
Domestic Violence Supportive Housing