Frequently Asked questions


1. Does Gracing Spaces charge for pickup?

NO, however if you would like to give a donation for gas, we would love it.

2. I cannot get the furniture unassembled and in the garage or on the main floor.

Please find someone who can help you to get this done, it could be a neighbor’s teenager, movers, family members.

3. Can you pick up on the weekends?

We do all pickups during the week especially on Wednesday mornings.

4. My furniture is dirty but otherwise good.

We only accept clean furniture. No tears or pet damage. Please provide pictures of items to be donated.

5. I do not live in Fairfax County.

If you would like to bring your donation to our Lord of Life Clifton address please send us a picture so we can approve before dropping off donations.

6. Do you take mattresses?

We take mattresses except Kings. They must be in good condition with no stains from single family homes only.

7. Do you take adult clothing?

We cannot accept adult clothing, shoes, or accessories at this time. We do accept sweatshirts, leggings & sneakers that teens could wear.

8. Can people in need “shop” at Gracing Spaces?

NO, we work from social worker requests only so that each family is followed for future needs and support.