"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Meade


Our Mission

Gracing Spaces, a ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church, furnishes apartments for families transitioning out of homeless shelters. We work with non-profits such as FACETS, Fairfax County Public Schools, and many others to provide basics of living. We "Grace" each space with furniture, beds, kitchen items, pictures, shower curtains, rugs, bedspreads and more to make an apartment a home. We load our truck with HOPE for each family and an opportunity to begin a new life together in Fairfax County.

Who We Are

  • We like to hunt and gather household items.

  • We welcome volunteers to share the joy of gracing spaces with us.

  • We issue the challenge and invite you to transform an empty apartment into a home in one day!

  • Accept our challenge to give families a new start in Fairfax County!

How We Got Here


Several years ago, Kathie Baumgart was gearing up for her daughter's bridal shower. Instead of throwing a traditional shower, Kathie's daughter challenged her and her creative friends to organize and perform an "extreme make over" on a community room of a half-way house for drug-addicted women. Kathie's group of friends transformed the community room in one day, and returned 3 more times over the next year to finish the entire half-way house. What Kathie and her group couldn't know then, was how that experience would inspire them and many others to continue that type of volunteerism in the community for years to come.

The project was so successful that Gracing Spaces now seeks out shelters, resource centers, and homeless families throughout Fairfax to provide makeovers as time and resources permit. The team calls themselves "Gracing Spaces," and now includes Lord of Life Lutheran Church volunteers, Health Department volunteers, and Department of Family Services staff, family, friends, and many others. We grace the space with furniture, beds, kitchen items, pictures, shower curtains, rugs, bedspreads, and so much more. To be apart of our upcoming events click on our Events page for more information. To view some photos of the spaces we have graced, check us out on Instagram, and "Like" us on Facebook (see our social links below).

"While Gracing Spaces does not find the homeless families or the houses they will inhabit, they do find the beds to sleep in, the tables and chairs, kitchen tools, rugs, sofas, lamps, love, spirit, and the team of people to put it all together to make a home that ends the nightmare of homelessness."

- Barbara Yow, Springfield VA Public Health Department